This work utilizes waste that is a byproduct of our interactions with computers. Innovation requires different processes for artmaking and computer failure looks like a different process each time.

Taking a note from the American auto industry, computer systems are designed to fail in three years, a new kind of planned obsolescence for the information age.  Through development computer programs become larger and larger, forcing users to buy new computers. For that reason programmers turn to open operating systems. Macs run on a closed system and this project examines failure within a  closed system.

A painting could be an illustration of a closed system.  But rather than illustrate a closed system, why not build one? In this way, a canvas, rather than a place to perform or illustrate an idea, is a site for receiving an experiment.

Using an old Mac running on 10.6.8, programs were loaded to the point that the usable storage was filled to capacity and the operating system could not be updated.  When the Chrome browser was opened, the computer would freeze into an array of digital artifacts.  The canvas, then, receives these reports.

This work comes out of the traditions of hard edge geometric, noncompositions and also the conceptual artist idea that drives the work.  Those histories are touchstones for the kind of art that this work aspires to.